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Pomegranates (רימון).

December 7, 2005


pom-smallThis is just a really sexy fruit. Deep red, shiny, beady seeds hiding beneath a tough leathery skin. Once you get inside, just like a heart, the seeds are stored in chambers. It can be labor intensive plucking out all of the seeds before eating, so some people just bite into the clusters, juicing the bits and pieces in their mouths and either spitting out the pulp or, as one of your bloggers does, swallows – seeds and all.

You first see them right around Rosh HaShana – the Jewish New Year, but that is just the start of their season. To truly experience pomegranate ecstasy, one must hit the shuk now: November-December.

This is when you can get these holy delectable delights by the kilo for between 6 and 10 shekels a kilo (approx. .70-$1.00 a pound). They are at the height of their flavor, firm and bursting with juice. Their are two kinds, sweet and tart. We like them both, equally, though the tart are usually a bit more expensive for some reason. Having tasted pomegranates internationally- India, Italy, France and in the US, we can confidently say that those grown right here in Israel taste infinitely better.

pom-holdingPomegranates are known to have all sorts of health benefits. When we volunteered at a kibbutz that grew organic poms, they would sell the skins and seeds that remained after juice-pressing to a pharmaceutical company that used them in a cancer drug. They are energizing, and are thought to be an aphrodisiac as well. Pomegranate juice has more antioxidants than green tea, is full of folic acid and has antiseptic uses.

La’Briyut- To good health!

*** Bonus Fact – The French and Spanish words for hand grenades are the same as for the pomegranate. For its similar shape and the inner shrapnel’s original seed resemblance. Similarly, in Hebrew, Rimon is the word for pomegranate and grenade.

How to best open a pomegranate (first seen implemented by Yaron from Yavniel):

bowl-o-pompom-cutCut the top off, make a deep X in the top of the fruit and then dig your fingers into the intersection of lacerations and pry it open.