Yoko Uno

February 23, 2006

Best Sushi in Israel award. This is an amazing restaurant, that sits firmly in our top five list.   The décor is well thought-out, with a nice collection of photography hanging on the walls, asian themed, with contrasting in and out of focus figures.  There is the option to sit at the sushi bar, at cozy tables – well spaced from each other, and the intimate sofa lounge seating with low tables.  Sitting at the bar allows you to watch the chefs whizzing about their business of rolling and cutting up the sushi, they do make time to chat though.  The service is excellent and the waiters are well versed in the offerings and the preparation involved. The menu has many fish and pasta dishes that are creative and tasty.  We come to Yoko Uno for the sushi, it is the best in Israel.  As we understand, from a friend working in the diamond district, the restaurant was started by a very wealthy diamond merchant, who fancies sushi, and needed a classy place to bring his clients.  He himself keeps kosher, and found nothing in the area suited his needs, so, decided to start the restaurant himself. Also, If you are lucky enough to live or work near the Boursa in Ramat Gan, you can order take out or delivery.

Go ahead- drool over these pictures, (they are coming!)that is what they are meant for.

We started with the appetizer sampler for one, and wished we had ordered for two, later when we saw the larger variety presented to the table next to us.  This included tempura shitake mushrooms, tempura salmon, a breaded and fried fish and a spring roll.  We savored every bite and it was the perfect way to whet our appetite.  My husband ordered a Choya plum wine, which we’d had here before and enjoyed immensely.  Served in a martini glass, the wine is chilled and a seductive little litchi fruit sits at the bottom of the frosty glass.  It is delicious and we highly recommend it.

Then came our sushi.  There is the combo platter called John and Yoko, meant for two, but we go for the family platter.  No shame there, we were ordering this as our dinner, not an appetizer and we are big sushi lovers.  The selection in the combo platter is perfect.  There is a tempura roll- with cooked fish and crusted in black and white sesame seeds, it has an extra crispness to it and has its own sauce dribbled over it.  There are six pieces of nigiri, with tuna, salmon, and sea bream.  There is a variety of maki rolls.  This, for us at least, is the perfect amount of sushi, we are completely full, save for a little bit of room reserved for dessert. 

Bringing us to the end of our meal, we asked for the dessert sampler.  The waitress explained that this changes all the time.  On this particular night it included, passionfruit sorbet, halva wantons, a pear poached in wine and two chocolate truffles. We nibbled together, rotating in a clockwise manner around the plate, until there was just smudges of sauce and sorbet left. 

Delicious.  The prices here are very fair, and worth every agura.  We are already looking forward to our next visit, may it be soon.


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