Sweet Treat – Cream & Dream

December 13, 2005

We found our way over here, trying to satisfy our sweet tooths – on a budget.  That meant not sitting down and ordering dessert in some restaurant or cafe.  What do you know, we did pretty well for ourselves! 

Various people had dropped the name of this gelateria to us, and we thought it was time to check it out for ourselves.  Across from the original Big Apple Pizza, at 3 Luntz st. (right before it connects to Jaffa from Ben Yehuda) Cream & Dream had recently hoisted up an outdoor tented seating area, which is heated.  That means their ice cream is not just for the hot summer – no, it is meant to be eaten 365 days a year. If only my figure could get away with that.

Cream-N-DreamThe eye-pleasing rainbow of flavors, each one sitting in its own cubby behind the thick glass window, called to us.  Without kitschy names, they were labeled by what they were, no chubby hubby or chunky monkey – this was Vanilla, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry and so on. 

My husband knew exactly what he wanted and didn’t hesitate to order it right away. Pistachio for the man.  I, however, took the indecision as an opportunity to ask for some samplings.  I asked for three: Tiramisu, Chocolate Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate.  I went with the Dark Chocolate even though the other two were very tempting.  I always feel like I have to go with one of the flavors I try so that the sampling, from the stores’ perspective, was not in vain. 

One scoop in a cone is just 7 shekels.  I was tempted to get more but sided with moderation. In retrospect, I don’t think I could have handled more. The gelato was so rich, so creamy, that it took me over 20 minutes to finish the cone.  My husband had finished his two blocks away from the store.  He lamented the lack of chunks in his pistachio, “like Ben & Jerry’s has,” but conceded that the delicate flavor of the gelato was of superior quality. This place gets our highest recommendation.  Don’t wait, go out and get some!


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